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Butler railway line
Continues to Mandurah line
000.0km Perth Underground
William Street Tunnel
Roe Street Tunnel
Fremantle line
Graham Farmer Freeway
(Hamilton Interchange)
Neutral Section
Loftus St/Thomas St
003.2km Leederville
Lake Monger Dr/Vincent St
Neutral Section
Hillman Substation
Powis Street
005.4km Glendalough
Scarborough Beach Road
Hutton Street
009.0km Stirling
Cedric Street
Karrinyup Road
Erindale Road
Reid Highway
Beach Road
014.5km Warwick
Warwick Road
017.8km Greenwood
Hepburn Avenue
019.0km Whitfords
19.5km Whitfords Avenue
Whitfords Siding
Ocean Reef Road
Neutral Section
Edgewater Substation
023.0km Edgewater
Mitchell Freeway (southbound)
Joondalup Drive/Hodges Drive
026.0km Joondalup
Station Square
Joondalup Drive
Shenton Avenue
Mitchell Freeway (southbound)
029.2km Currambine
Burns Beach Road
033.2km Clarkson
Neutral Section
Hester Avenue
Nowergup Depot
Landbeach Boulevard
Benenden Avenue
Butler Boulevard
040.7km Butler
Transperth railway lines
List of Transperth stations

The Butler Line is a suburban railway line in Perth, Australia. It mostly traverses the median strip of the Mitchell Freeway, connecting the northern coastal areas between Perth and Butler.


For more details on this topic, see Northern Suburbs Transit System.

The line to Joondalup was completed on 20 December 1992 as a major capital works project started by the Dowding Labor government.[1] A realignment of the entire bus system was undertaken whereby the new train stations became bus interchanges. The extension to Currambine was completed in March 1993.[1] Initially, service frequencies were similar to those for the Fremantle line as lower passenger numbers were anticipated, however overcrowding saw the doubling of services between Whitfords and Perth on weekdays. Services were reverted to Fremantle Line frequencies between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on 28 June 2009 due to low passenger numbers on those services.[2]

On 4 October 2004, the Clarkson extension, part of the Gallop government's New MetroRail project, was opened to the public, connecting the outer northern suburbs to the city for the first time.[3] Previously, catching a bus to Joondalup which took approximately 30–40 minutes was the only option. The Nowergup railway depot was also built.

On 29 January 2005, Greenwood was opened to alleviate pressure at the adjacent Whitfords and Warwick stations.[3]

On 8 August 2005, the line, which previously ran through onto the Armadale line, was separated to the far western end of the Perth station, and no longer provided a through service.

On 15 October 2007, Clarkson line trains began running to Perth Underground and Esplanade stations via new tunnels under central Perth.

On 23 December 2007, the opening of the Mandurah Line saw the Clarkson and Mandurah lines form a north-south corridor, providing a through service from Clarkson to Mandurah.

On 21 September 2014, Butler was opened, servicing further development in the northern corridor. [4]


There are early plans of extending the line with another 3 stations northwards once the new suburb of Alkimos is built.[5] It will also be extended to Yanchep and have a station on the eastern edge of the Jindowie development.


Below is the annual patronage of Joondalup railway line from 2010–2011 financial year. Figures are provided as total boardings, which includes all fare-paying boardings and free travel on stations within the free transit zones as well as transfers between stations. The figures for rail replacement and special events services are not included in the total.[6]

Joondalup railway line annual patronage
Year Patronage ±%
2010–11 15,611,836
2011–12 16,700,234 +6.97%
2012–13 17,449,891 +4.49%
2013–14 16,897,361 −3.17%
2014–15 17,105,797 +1.23%

Railway stations[edit]

Most of the trains operating on this line are Transperth B-series trains purchased for the Clarkson-Mandurah run, although some shuttle services (W pattern) between Whitfords and Cockburn Central are made up of Transperth A-series EMUs.

Joondalup Line
Name of station Code Zone Serving suburbs Pattern stops at this station Connections
All C K L W
Esplanade REE 1, FTZ Perth Bus transfers at Esplanade Busport
Through to Mandurah Line
Perth Underground
MPH 1, FTZ Perth, Northbridge Platform transfer to Armadale / Thornlie Line,
Fremantle Line, Midland Line
Transwa Australind service to Bunbury
Bus transfers at Wellington Street bus station
Leederville JLE 1 Leederville, West Leederville
Glendalough JGH 1 Glendalough, Osborne Park Bus transfers
Stirling JSG 2 Innaloo, Osborne Park, Stirling Bus transfers, CircleRoute
Warwick JWK 2 Carine, Duncraig, Hamersley, Warwick Bus transfers
Greenwood JGD 2 Duncraig, Greenwood, Kingsley, Padbury
Whitfords JWS 3 Craigie, Kingsley, Padbury, Woodvale Bus transfers
Edgewater JER 3 Beldon, Edgewater, Heathridge
Joondalup JJP 3 Joondalup Bus transfers
Currambine JCE 4 Currambine, Joondalup, Kinross
Clarkson JCN 4 Clarkson Bus transfers
Butler JBR 5 Butler Bus transfers

Proposed stations[edit]

There are plans to extend the line up to Yanchep and place stations at Brighton, Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep.[7][8]


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