Jordan Hill Roman Temple

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Jordan Hill Roman Temple
Jordan Hill Temple
A view of Jordan Hill Roman Temple
Jordan Hill Roman Temple is located in Dorset
Jordan Hill Roman Temple
Map showing the location of Jordan Hill Roman Temple in Dorset.
LocationPreston, Weymouth, Dorset
Coordinates50°38′15″N 2°25′38″W / 50.637547°N 2.4271160°W / 50.637547; -2.4271160Coordinates: 50°38′15″N 2°25′38″W / 50.637547°N 2.4271160°W / 50.637547; -2.4271160
TypeRomano-Celtic temple
AreaCella: 6.8 m2 (73 sq ft)
Temenos: 84 m2 (900 sq ft)
FoundedAD 69–79
ManagementEnglish Heritage

Jordan Hill Roman Temple is a Romano-Celtic temple and Roman ruin situated on Jordan Hill above Bowleaze Cove in the eastern suburbs of Weymouth in Dorset, England. Original amateur excavations on the site in 1843, by J. Medhurst, were followed by a series of excavations in the 20th century[1] suggesting that the site was in operation between c. AD 69–79 to the late 4th century.

In the 20th century the site became the property of the Ministry of Works and is currently in the guardianship of English Heritage.


This is a Romano-British type temple,[2] with a square-plan building situated within a courtyard or precinct. The floorplan of the temple measured 6.8 square metres (73 sq ft). The surrounding precinct measured 84 square metres (900 sq ft) and contained numerous deposits of animal bones, ceramics, and coins.[1] The site may also have served as a late 4th-century signal station.[1]

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