Jordan Loukas

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Jordan Loukas
Born Jordan Loukas
14 February
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Modeling information
Height 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Hair color Brown[1]
Eye color Green[1]
Manager Mark Byrne Management

Jordan Loukas (born in Sydney, New South Wales)[1] is an Australian model, who was the second runner up in the third cycle of Australia's Next Top Model. She also appeared in a spin-off reality series titled Runway to L.A. with Charlotte Dawson.[2]


Loukas had been signed to Priscilla's Model Management in Australia for less than a year after her stint on Australia's Next Top Model, before deciding to quit modelling because she had been sick of always being turned down for shows and for being told to lose more and more weight. When Loukas was still signed to Priscilla's Model Management, she had walked for numerous fashion shows, most notably for walking and opening the Christian Audigier in Los Angeles, as well as Fashion Assassin during the Spring/Summer Australian Fashion Week in 2007. She has also appeared in a television advertisement for Impulse. Loukas has also appeared in an edvertising in store campaign for Australian clothing brand, Jay Jays, in addition to an editorial in Dolly magazine. Loukas has a role in the psychological thriller "Next Door to the Velinskys" starring Matt Doran and Chloe Traicos. Loukas has been known to have a huge love for farm animals, mainly the goat however, she has stated that she could never become a vegetarian and support animal rights as she "enjoys meat way too much".

Australia's Next Top Model[edit]

Loukas came third in the Fox 8 production, Australia's Next top Model. She was almost not picked for the show, due to her lack of model ideal height. Loukas dealt with the bitchiness of the girls, especially Paloma, but has now become best friends with winner of same cycle, Alice Burdeu.

Since Australia's Next top model, Loukas has appeared in an Impulse commercial, advertising 'New York Sass', She has had an eight-page spread in Dolly Magazine, made a guest appearance at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, made various appearances on the red carpet and had been signed with Priscilla's Model Management where she walks various shows.

Runway To LA[edit]

After a whirlwind of a couple of months, Fox 8 produced and aired a spinoff of Australia's Next Top Model, Runway to LA, which featured Charlotte Dawson as Jordan's mentor, as she works her way to Los Angeles. The show starts off in Sydney, emphasising the cultural differences between Dawson's and Loukas's life, but then follows the pair to Melbourne, where Jordan once again encounters Paloma, and then eventually to LA, where Jordan does media interviews, and meets the likes of Perez Hilton and Christian Audiger, whom she opens the Ed Hardy show for. The show is similar to 'Janice & Abbey: Beauty and the Best'. Where Britain's Next Top Model runner up Abigail Clancy is mentored by former America's Next Top Model judge and supermodel Janice Dickinson, and is taken from her hometown of Liverpool to Los Angeles, doing exactly the same tasks as Jordan in Runway To LA. She is also designing a new bikini line called Dirty Lullaby.

Channel V Presenter Search[edit]

In 2009, Jordan Loukas defeated over 3000 applicants in a nationwide search for the next Channel V Presenter. Loukas battled it out with finalists Ryan Stuart and Billy Russell at the grand final at Sydney's Homebake Festival 2009. Loukas had to complete a series of tasks that were shot and broadcast Live to air including an interview with Philadelphia Grand Jury, however along with Stuart lost to final winner Billy Russell.


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