Jordan Point Light

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Jordan Point Light
Jordan Point Light.PNG
The second Jordan Point Light in 1885
Jordan Point Light is located in Virginia
Jordan Point Light
Location Jordan Point on the south bank of the James River
Coordinates 37°18′47″N 77°13′24″W / 37.31304°N 77.22344°W / 37.31304; -77.22344Coordinates: 37°18′47″N 77°13′24″W / 37.31304°N 77.22344°W / 37.31304; -77.22344
Year first constructed 1855
Year first lit 1856/1875(1870?)
Deactivated 1927
Construction wood
Tower shape Freestanding tower
Focal height 35 feet (11 m)
Original lens sixth-order Fresnel lens
Characteristic Fixed white
Fog signal

Bell [1]


The Jordan Point Light was a lighthouse located on Jordan Point on the James River in Prince George County, Virginia, near the south end of the present Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge.


The history of this station is somewhat confusing, but it appears that a light station was first established on Jordan Point in 1855. This consisted of a keeper's house with a masthead light on the roof. This arrangement was replaced circa 1875 (possibly as early as 1870) by a separate 35-foot (11 m) pyramidal wooden tower that housed a sixth order Fresnel lens and a fog bell. A new keeper's house was constructed in 1888.[1]

In 1927 the station was deactivated and the wooden tower was later demolished. In 1941 a new steel skeleton tower was erected on the site of the old tower; this skeleton tower is still in service as the rear light of the Jordan Point Range, Light List #2-12420.[2] Although the wooden tower is long gone the keeper's house built in 1888 still stands. It was extensively renovated in 2009 and is a private residence.