Jordan Road Ferry Pier

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Jordan Road Ferry Pier c. 1964
Concourse of the Jordan Road vehicular ferry in the 1930s
Bus terminus at concourse of the Jordan Road vehicular ferry in the 1950s

Jordan Road Ferry Pier or Ferry Point (1924–1998) (Chinese: 佐敦道碼頭) is a demolished pier originally located at Jordan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong.


After Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry gained the franchise to operate part of the cross harbour ferry routes, including the CentralYau Ma Tei route, starting from 1 January 1924, the company set up Yaumatei Ferry Pier at Public Square Street for its ferry operations. In 1933 a new vehicular ferry route from Central to Yau Ma Tei was started, and Jordan Road Ferry Pier was built to handle vehicular ferries. Original ferry operations also moved to the new pier. A new bus terminus was built outside the pier.

However, the demand for the pier started to decline after the opening of Cross Harbour Tunnel in 1972 and commencement of complete operation of the Modified Initial System of MTR in 1980. In 1996 the pier was demolished due to reclamation in west Kowloon, and operations moved to the nearby Canton Road Government Dockyards Temporary Pier still under the name of Jordan Road Ferry Pier. All ferry routes from the pier were suspended starting from 2 February 1998.[1]

Ferry Routes[edit]

  • Jordan Road – Central (vehicular and passenger service)
  • Jordan Road – Wan Chai (passenger service)

Bus routes[edit]



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