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Summer appearances

Jordan first participated at the Paralympic Games in 1984, and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Paralympic Games since then, with the exception of the 1992 Summer Paralympics. The nation has never participated in the Winter Paralympic Games.

Jordan has won eight Paralympic medals. The first medals were won in 1984 where two women who two silvers and one bronze in athletics. Imad Gharbawi won a silver medal for the men's discus F52 in the 1996 Summer Paralympics. In Sydney, the country took its first gold medal when Maha Bargouthi won the women's singles table tennis competition. Two more medals were won at the 2004 Paralympics, a silver in shot put by Jamil Elshebli and a bronze in table tennis by the three-member women's team (Maha Bargouthi, Khetam Abuawad and Fatmeh Al-Azzam).[1] In the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, Jordanian Paralympians won four more medals: in athletics, Jamil Elshebli earned a silver medal, powerlifter Omar Qarada and Mu'taz Aljuneidi gained one silver and one bronze and Maha Bargouthi, Khetam Abuawad, and Fatmeh Al-Azzam won a bronze medal in their three-member game. Jordan won three medals in powerlifting: two silvers and one bronze.


Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Silver Maha Bargouthi 1984 Stoke Mandeville/New York City Athletics Women's shot put 1A
 Bronze Aida Sheshani 1984 Stoke Mandeville/New York City Athletics Women's 100m 1B
 Bronze Aida Sheshani 1984 Stoke Mandeville/New York City Athletics Women's 200m 1B
 Silver Imad Gharbawi 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's discus F52
 Gold Maha Al-Bargouti 2000 Sydney Table tennis Women's singles 1-2
 Silver Jamil Elshebli 2004 Athens Athletics Men's shot put F57
 Bronze Khetam Abuawad
Maha Al Bargouti
Fatemah Al-Azzam
2004 Athens Table tennis Women's teams 4-5
 Silver Jamil Elshebli 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's shot put F57/58
 Silver Omar Qarada 2008 Beijing Powerlifting Men's -48kg
 Bronze Mu'taz Aljuneidi 2008 Beijing Powerlifting Men's -75kg
 Bronze Khetam Abuawad
Fatmeh Al-Azzam
2008 Beijing Table tennis Women's teams 4-5
 Silver Omar Qarada 2016 Rio de Janeiro Powerlifting Men's -49kg
 Silver Tharwat Alhajjaj 2016 Rio de Janeiro Powerlifting Women's -86kg
 Bronze Jamil Elshebli 2016 Rio de Janeiro Powerlifting Men's +107kg


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