Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party

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Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party
حزب الوحدة الشعبية الديمقراطي الأردني
Founded 1990 (1990)
Headquarters Amman, Jordan
Newspaper Nida'a al-Watan
Ideology Arab socialism,
Palestinian nationalism,
Democratic socialism,
Left-wing nationalism
Political position Left-wing
Colors Black, red, white and green (Pan-Arab colors)
Slogan For a democratic national Jordan and the recovery of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people

Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party (in Arabic: Hizb Al-Wahdah Al-Sha'abiyah Al-Dimuqratiyyah Al-Urduniy, حزب الوحدة الشعبية الديمقراطي الأردني) is a political party in Jordan. The party was formed in 1990, when the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine separated their branch in Jordan to become a separate party.

The party publishes Nida'a al-Watan.

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