Jorden van Foreest

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Jorden van Foreest
Jorden van Foreest, 2017
Born (1999-04-30) 30 April 1999 (age 21)
Utrecht, Netherlands
TitleGrandmaster (2016)
FIDE rating2682 (August 2020)
Peak rating2682 (April 2020)

Jhr. Jorden van Foreest (born 30 April 1999) is a Dutch chess grandmaster. He was Dutch Chess Champion in 2016.

Chess career[edit]

Introduced to the game by his father, Van Foreest learned to play chess at the age of six but did not play regularly until he was nine.[1]


In 2013, Van Foreest won the European U14 Chess Championship with a score of 7½/9 (+6–0=3).[2][3] He earned his international master title in 2014 at the age of 15 and secured all the norms needed for the grandmaster title in 2015 at the age of 16.[4] He was officially awarded his grandmaster title by FIDE in 2016.[5] This makes him the Netherlands' youngest ever grandmaster (Anish Giri was awarded the title at a younger age but was not a Dutch player at the time).[6]

In September 2015, he competed in the World Junior Chess Championship. He finished sixth, scoring 8/13 (+5–2=6).[7] In December, Van Foreest won the Groningen Chess Festival with a score of 7½/9 (+7–1=1).[8]

Van Foreest won the Dutch Chess Championship in August 2016. He scored 5½/7 (+5–1=1) for a performance rating of 2819.[9]


As of 2017, Van Foreest is coached by three-time Dutch Chess Champion Sergei Tiviakov.[10] From 26 June to 2 July 2017, he competed in the Dutch Chess Championship. He finished seventh, scoring 3/7 (+2–3=2).[11] From 28 October to 6 November, he competed for the Netherlands on board 4 at the 2017 European Team Chess Championship. He scored 5/7 (+4–1=2) for a performance rating of 2723.[12] From 13 to 25 November, he competed at the World Junior Chess Championship. He placed fifth with a score of 8/11 (+7–2=2),[13] half a point behind the winner Aryan Tari.[14]

From 13 to 28 January 2018, Van Foreest competed in the Tata Steel Challengers. He finished fifth, scoring 7½/13 (+4–2=7).[15] He competed in the 81st Tata Steel Masters in January 2019, placing thirteenth with 4½/13 (+3–7=3).[16] In July, Van Foreest shared first in the 2019 Dutch Championship with 5/7 (+3–0=4), losing on tiebreak to his younger brother Lucas van Foreest.[17]

At the 82nd Tata Steel Masters in January 2020, Van Foreest placed fourth with 7/13 (+3–2=8).[18]

Personal life[edit]

Born in Utrecht on 30 April 1999 and raised in Groningen, Van Foreest comes from the noble Van Foreest family and has the honorific of jonkheer.[19][20] He is the great-great grandson of Arnold van Foreest and great-great grandnephew of Dirk van Foreest. Both Arnold and Dirk were three-time Dutch Chess Champions (Arnold: 1889, 1893, 1902; Dirk: 1885, 1886, 1887).[1][9]

Jorden is the eldest child of his family and has five siblings: four brothers and one sister.[1] His father Nicky van Foreest works the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, and his mother Shiela Timp is a medical doctor and computer programmer. His younger brother, Lucas (born 2001), earned the title of grandmaster in 2018.[21] His sister, Machteld (born 2007), won the Dutch Girls' U10 Championship at the age of 6 and shared second place in the Dutch Girls' U20 Championship when she was 9. In 2017, she became the first girl ever to win the Dutch U12 Championship.[10] She has a FIDE rating of 2132 as of April 2018.[22]


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