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Jordi de Sant Jordi (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈdʒɔɾði ðe ˈsaɲ ˈdʒɔɾði]) (late 1390s – c. 1424) was born in the Kingdom of Valencia. He was Chamberlain at the court of King Alfons V of Aragon (Alfons III of Valencia) but is best known for his poetry.

Sant Jordi was a contemporary of Ausiàs March and among the earliest writers of the golden age of Catalan language literature in the 15th century. He was patronised by Queen-Dowager Margarida of Aragon-Prades, widow of King Martí I.

Taking part in King Alfonso's expedition to the Kingdom of Naples, Sant Jordi was captured by the forces of Francesco Sforza on 30 May 1423. During his captivity, he wrote the well known poem 'Prisoner'.

He died in about 1424. Among later writers who appear to draw from his work is Joan Roís de Corella. Iñigo López de Mendoza's work The Coronation of Lord Jordi is dedicated to him.


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