Jorge Aramburo Siegert

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Jorge Aramburo Siegert is an electrical engineer graduate from the Universidad de Antioquia, with a Masters in Business Administration from the Universidad EAFIT and graduate studies in finance and marketing from the same institution. Aramburo Siegert is a university teacher, founding member of the Competitiveness Council of Antioquia, an ETI board member from Colciencias,[1] and a well-known national and international lecturer on subjects such as IT competitiveness, software quality and IT best practices. He is one of the leaders in the development of software engineering in Colombia.

Currently he is CEO and founder of nearshore software development company, Productora de Software (PSL).

Has been elected as Top Executive by Dinero.[2]

Lectures and events[edit]

  • IT Outsourcing 2004 (2004)[3]
  • Colombia compite (2008) [4]
  • V Foro Internacional de Emprendimiento (2009) [5]