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Jorge Cruise
Jorge Cruise Bio Pic Red Shirt.png
Born (1971-03-06) March 6, 1971 (age 47)
Alma materUniversity of California, San Diego
OccupationCelebrity Fitness Trainer, Health Expert, author
Spouse(s)Sam Ayers

Jorge Cruise (born March 6, 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico) is the author of the five-book diet series on The New York Times bestseller list: The Belly Fat Cure (2010), Body at Home (2009), The 12-Second Sequence (2009), The 3-Hour Diet (2006), and 8 Minutes in the Morning (2002).[1]

Early life[edit]

Cruise is the son of Gloria Cansino and Mel Maurer. Cansino was a Mexican cinema star appearing in films alongside Burt Lancaster and Shelley Winters.[1] Cruise was raised in San Diego where he lived with his family and sister Marta. Cruise was raised by his grandmother Maria with oppressive rules and struggled with weight and self-acceptance. After being overweight for most of adolescence and young adulthood, a burst appendix and his father’s diagnosis with prostate cancer [2] led Cruise to focus on his own health. He consequently lost over 40 pounds and is now the author of five series addressing weight loss.[1]

After four years as a Sigma Chi, Cruise graduated with his B.A. from the University of California, San Diego in 1994, and studied at Dartmouth College from 1993 to 1994.[3] He received his fitness credentials from the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).[3]


Cruise began his career working for Tony Robbins and was inspired by Robbins to launch his career as a trainer. Several years later, he got his big break when Oprah both hired him as her personal trainer and featured him on her televised show and in her magazine.[2]

Cruise has created a number of different diet plans over the last decade, his philosophy evolving over the years from heavy emphasis on increasing metabolism through building lean muscle (8 Minutes in the Morning,[5] The 12-Second Sequence[6]) to advocating smaller-yet-more-frequent meals (The 3-Hour Diet,[7] Body at Home [8]) to recommending low-carb/low-sugar meal plans (The Belly Fat Cure[9]). After writing his #1 NY Times bestselling book The 100, Cruise shifted his focus to Sugar Calories. Cruise’s philosophy has always maintained an emphasis on keeping metabolism high (generally through emphasizing strength training over aerobic exercise) and controlling blood sugar levels (generally keeping them stable through smaller and more frequent meals and keeping them low by avoiding simple carbohydrates and Sugar Calories [9]). In his new book Stubborn Fat Gone, Jorge offers readers a complete 12-week plan full of easy, toss-together meals to get you to Eat Fit™, daily support as your coach positively filling your mind with empowering good thoughts to Think Fit™, and a brand new style of high-intensity interval training, workouts to burn more fat and specifically target the belly to get you to Move Fit™!

His most recent work advocates focusing on sugar instead of calories in the belief that insulin (the levels of which rise following consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates) increases belly fat.[9] Cruise therefore stresses the importance of reading labels for these “hidden sugars,” which he alleges also contribute to heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes.[10]

Cruise’s books have sold more than 8 million copies in over 16 languages.[1] Books from each of his five series (The Belly Fat Cure, Body at Home, The 12-Second Sequence, The 3-Hour Diet, and 8 Minutes in the Morning) along with Tiny and Full and The 100 have become New York Times bestsellers.[1]

Cruise first appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1998.[3] He was also featured in the January 2005 issue of The Oprah Magazine [4] and then in her book, O's Guide to Life in September 2007.[5] Cruise was a cast member of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian in which he helped a client lose 4 pounds a week for 12 weeks straight using a volumetrics-based diet based on calories as described in his book Tiny and Full.

Cruise has worked with many well-known celebrities and has received support from Oprah Winfrey, President Bill Clinton, Emeril Lagasse, Brooke Burke, Meredith Vieria, Mario Lopez, Katie Couric, Carmen Electra, Al Roker, Bethenny Frankel, Carmen Electra, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Clarkson, Tyra Banks, Dianne Sawyer, Suzanna Somers, and Countess Lu Ann De Lesseps.

Various celebrities have successfully used Cruise’s diet and exercise plans. Celebrities including: Angelina Jolie,[6] Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Kyle Richards,[7] Eva Longoria,[8] Lance Bass,[9] Khloe Kardashian,[10] Jennifer Lopez,[11] 50 Cent,[12] Miley Cyrus,[13] and most recently Steve Harvey.

In addition to his books, he is a contributing editor for USA Weekend Magazine,[11] the Costco Connection Magazine,[12], First For Women, Women’s World, O Magazine and Closer,[13] and serves as Editor-at-Large for Bauer Media.

He has also appeared on a number of television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show,[14] CNN,[15] Good Morning America,[16] The Today Show,[17] Dateline NBC,[18] The View,[19] The Tyra Banks Show,[20], The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz and VH1,[21], Extra TV, and he Doctors TV Series among others.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Cruise confirmed he was gay in 2010 by saying, “I finally realized that being gay is not something to be hidden or fixed. In my 39 years of life, this single distinction has been the most profound for me, and I am blessed to finally be living life outside of the closet.”

Cruise met his partner, Sam Ayers, in Los Angeles in 2014. On April 15, 2015 Cruise announced that he and Ayers were engaged. The proposal took place at The Los Angeles County Museum. Ayers worked in entertainment at The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard in Los Angeles until June 2015.[14]

Cruise lives in Malibu, California, with his husband Sam Cruise and their two sons Parker and Owen Cruise.[4]



Year Title Role Notes
2005 The View (talk show) Himself Episode dated 3 November 2005
2005-06 The Tony Danza Show (2004 talk show) Himself 3 episodes
2006 Good Morning America with Al Roker Himself 1 episode
2008 Today (U.S. TV program) Himself 1 episode
2011 Rachael Ray (talk show) Himself Episode: "Weight Loss Wonders"
2012 Live! with Regis and Kelly (season 24) Himself Episode dated 9 January 2012
2013 Anderson Cooper 360° Himself 1 episode
2014 Bethenny (talk show) Himself Episode: "Diet Debate with Jorge Cruise"
2015 Extra (TV program) Himself 2 episodes
2016 Celebrity Page (TV Series) Himself Episode dated 28 January 2016
2016 Home and Family Himself Episode featuring: Diana Maria Riva/Hugh Scott/Jorge Cruise
2016 Access Hollywood Himself Episode dated 4 April 2016
2016 The Meredith Vieira Show Himself Episode: "Eat Sweets, Lose Weight!"
2013-2016 The Steve Harvey Show Himself 6 episodes
2015-2017 The Doctors (talk show) Himself Numerous episodes
2013-17 The Dr. Oz Show (TV Series) Himself Numerous episodes
2017 Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian Trainer Episode: "The Former Addict & the Future Bride”


In 2011, Cruise began The Jorge Cruise Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating the public at-large and spreading awareness about health and wellness throughout the various stages of life, and to promote less sugar consumption in our diet.[15] Cruise stated in regards to his foundation, “I have started my own foundation to further the work of spreading the dangers of sugar and unhealthy eating to the masses.” Cruise is also a supporter of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, The Trevor Project, GLAAD, Operation Smile, as well as The Clinton Foundation.


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