Jorge López (physicist)

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Jorge Lopez
Alma materTexas A&M University
University of Texas at El Paso
Scientific career
FieldsNuclear physics
Physics education
InstitutionsUniversity of Texas at El Paso

Jorge Alberto López (born 1955 in Monterrey, Mexico[1]) is a physicist and educator and the Schumaker Professor of Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso.[2] He is known for his work in heavy ion collision dynamics[3] and for his outreach to the Hispanic community in the United States to increase diversity in physics, effective teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students (particularly underrepresented minorities), development of bilingual physics education programs, and building collaborations between American and Latin American universities.[4][5] He is one of the founders of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists[6] and author of books on nuclear physics, surface science, and statistical analysis of elections.



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