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Jorge Ledezma Cornejo (born 24 August 1963) is a Bolivian lawyer and politician affiliated with the Movement towards Socialism–Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples. Ledezma served as a Deputy in lower house of the Bolivian National Congress, representing circumscription 28 (Sacaba and Chapare), and as interim prefect of Cochabamba from December 2008 until 30 May 2010.[1] He is currently Bolivia's ambassador to Peru.[2] His career began as vice president of Cochabamba's Departmental Irrigation Users Federation (Federación Departamental de Regantes; Fedecor) in 1997; leader of the Melga (Sacaba) Association of Irrigation Users in 1998; and president of the Vigilance Committee of the Municipality of Sacaba in 1998. He then won public office as a councilman in Sacaba in 1999, followed by serving as the city's mayor in 2000-2001.[1] His appointment to Prefect of Cochabamba was made by President Evo Morales following the 100-day tenure of Rafael Puente; the reasons for Puente's replacement are disputed.[1]