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Jorge Orlando Calvo
Dr. Jorge Orlando Calvo.jpg
Dr. Jorge Orlando Calvo
Born (1961-04-27) April 27, 1961 (age 56)
Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina
Residence Neuquen, Neuquen
Nationality Argentina
Fields Paleontology (vertebrate)
Institutions National University of Comahue National University of La Pampa
Alma mater Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, (Geology, 1986)
University of Illinois at Chicago (Master of Sciences (postgraduate, 1994)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Doctor of Zoology, 2006)
Known for Important contributions to the study of Dinosaur Paleontology; founder of Proyecto DINO: Centro Paleontológico Lago Barreales

Jorge Orlando Calvo is an Argentine geologist and paleontologist working for "Centro de Investigaciones Paleontológicas Lago Barreales" (National University of Comahue).[1]

Dr. Jorge Orlando Calvo was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1961. At present, he is a professor in Geology and Paleontology at the National University of Comahue, Neuquén. He is one of the founders of the Geology Career (2010) at this University as well as the Director of the Barreales Lake Paleontological Center.

He became a geologist in 1986 and in 1991 he won a Fulbright scholarship to do a Master in Paleontological Sciences (1992) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, getting his degree in 1994. In 2006, he earned his PhD degree at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He has devoted all his life to the discovering, digging and studying of Vertebrate Paleontology. He has been the first paleontologist living and working in the Neuquén province. He is both author and co-author of many discoveries of his own about new taxa in dinosaurs, birds, crocodiles, frogs, turtles, eggs and dinosaur tracks. He is the first paleontologist to have helped develop not only the Paleontological Science in Norpatagonia (1987) but also the Paleontological Tourism. He is the founder of the Geology and Paleontology Museum of the National University of Comahue (1990), the Paleontological Museum of Rincón de los Sauces (2000) and the Barreales Lake Paleontological Center (2002).

As a researcher of the National University of Comahue, he has been the Director of more than 15 national and international research projects led from institutions such as Conicet, Agencia Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia and Universidad Nacional del Comahue (Argentina), Duke Foundation of United State, Dinosaur Society of America, National Geographic Society, etc.

He has been the Director of theses for graduates, Master and PhD students. He has published more than 88 scientific papers and more than 60 in non-specialist magazines. He has also read more than 135 papers and lectures at Congresses of the specialty worldwide.

He has been invited to lecture on Dinosaurs from Norpatagonia in different cities of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Finland, Romania and Serbia. He has been a coordinator in more than 25 events of paleontological shows, exhibitions and Interactive museums.

He both described and co-described many species:


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