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Jorge Vargas González
Jorge Vargas.jpg
38th Mayor of Pichilemu
In office
4 November 1999 – 20 July 2007
Preceded by Carlos Leyton Labarca
Succeeded by Víctor Rojas González
In office
6 December 1996 – 9 November 1998
Preceded by Orlando Cornejo Bustamante
Succeeded by Carlos Leyton Labarca
Councillor of Pichilemu
In office
26 September 1992 – 6 December 1996
Personal details
Born (1967-02-08) 8 February 1967 (age 50)
Pichilemu, Chile
Nationality Chilean
Political party Christian Democrat Party of Chile (inscribed in 1987)
Spouse(s) Andrea Aranda Escudero (married 1998)
Residence Pichilemu, Chile
Alma mater Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Maule
Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences
Diego Portales University
Occupation Civil servant, radio presenter

Jorge Fabián Vargas González[n 1] (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxorxe faˈβʝan ˈbaɾɡas ɡonˈsales]; born 8 February 1967) is a Chilean politician. He served as councillor of Pichilemu between September 1992 and December 1996, and as the 38th Mayor of Pichilemu, between December 1996 and November 1998, and from November 1999 to July 2007.

Early years[edit]

Jorge Fabián was born on 8 February 1967 in Pichilemu, current Cardenal Caro Province, Region of O'Higgins, to Jorge Enrique Vargas López and Mercedes del Carmen González González (d. 13 August 2010).[1] Vargas has two sisters: Verónica and Rebeca.[2] Vargas was educated in the Escuela Doctor Díaz Lira, current Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre, and the Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar, where he completed his primary studies. He briefly studied at the Instituto Regional Federico Errázuriz of Santa Cruz, and graduated from the Liceo Agustín Ross Edwards in 1984.[3]

After graduating from high school, he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Maule from 1987 to 1991. After graduating from the career of Pedagogy in Physical Education (pedagogía en educación física), he enrolled in 1993 to the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences in Santiago, leaving the next year with a technical title in administrative management. He later obtained a degree in education (licenciatura en educación), majoring in educational administration, and a master's degree in management and planning from the Diego Portales University. Between 1994 and 1999, he worked as a teacher in several schools in Pichilemu.[3]

Jorge Vargas married Andrea Natalia Aranda Escudero (b. 27 May 1972) on 27 February 1998 in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region.[4] The couple has three children: Camila Andrea (b. 12 September 1998),[5] Alicia Paz, and Emilia.[3]

Political career[edit]

Early involvement[edit]

Vargas became a member of the Christian Democrat Party of Chile (PDC) in 1987 and, in the following year, he was elected coordinator of the Christian Democrat Youth in the province of Cardenal Caro (Juventud DC Cardenal Caro), and president of the University Christian Democracy (Democracia Cristiana Universitaria). He was additionally elected delegate of his class at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Maule. In 1989, Vargas González was elected secretary general of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Maule Students' Federation and, in 1990, he became the president.[3]

Also in 1990, he was an advisor to the Social Forming Center of the Bishopric of Talca, and councilor of the Christian Democrat Youth of the province of Talca.[3]

Councillor of Pichilemu[edit]

Vargas González was a candidate for the municipal election of 1992, representing the Christian Democrat Party (PDC). He obtained the second majority with 732 votes (12.38%) out of 5,915, behind Raúl Tobar Pavez (independent candidate), who obtained 1,2012 votes.[6] Vargas took office as councillor of Pichilemu on 26 September 1992, and held the office until 6 December 1996 with Raúl Tobar Pavez (Ind.), Mariano Polanco Galarce (RN), Mario Bichón Cáceres (PDC), Aldo Polanco Contreras (UCC), and the mayor Orlando Cornejo Bustamante (UCC). It was the first city council of Pichilemu to be elected in democracy since the end of the military regime of Augusto Pinochet Ugarte.[7]

Mayor of Pichilemu[edit]

Vargas with President Ricardo Lagos (right) during a ceremony in Pichilemu, in 2002.

and in 1997 was elected President of the Mayors and Councillors of the Cardenal Caro Province.

Vargas was re-elected as Mayor of Pichilemu in 2000,[8] and re-elected again in October 2004 with a 43.37 total per centage of the total votes.[9]

Vargas was taken out of his office because of false medical licenses,[10] on November 7, 1998. In 2007, he was arrested in the charge of bribery in the municipality of Pichilemu, using money to produce calendars with his photos,[11] in the lawsuit known as Caso Calendarios. Vargas could not come back to his office, and was succeeded by Victor Rojas, who was also displaced.[12]

Heredero de tu Amor[edit]

Heredero de tu Amor (2004)

Heredero de tu Amor (Spanish: Inheritor of Your Love) is a promotional studio album by Chilean politician Jorge Vargas González released on 11 September 2004.[13] The album was produced by Cristóbal. Its main song, Heredero de tu Amor, received high airplay in Chilean-wide Radio Para Ti.[14]

Vargas released Heredero de tu Amor in a concert attended by 3,000 people, according to El Mercurio, one month before the 2004 Chilean municipal election; the newspaper added that Vargas was "making his best to get into the world of arts, through music".[13]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Heredero de tu Amor" Jorge Vargas 5:04
2. "Será Porque Te Amo" Dario Farina, Daniele Pace, Luis Gómez Escolar, Enzo Ghinazzi 3:12
3. "Fallaste Corazón" Cuco Sánchez 2:51
4. "Un Siglo Sin Tí" Franco De Vita 4:37
5. "Basta Ya" Cristóbal 3:53
6. "Porque Yo Te Amo" Sandro, Óscar Anderle 3:33
7. "Échame a Mí la Culpa" José Angel Espinosa 3:09
8. "Con Olor a Hierba" Manuel Alejandro 3:47
9. "Ella" José Alfredo Jiménez 3:05
10. "Cariño Mío" Juan Carlos Calderón 3:32
Total length: 36:43


One street in Pichilemu is named after him. In January 2006, the Pichilemu City Council approved the naming of three streets in Pichilemu as Emilio Merino Lacoste (former mayor of Pichilemu, deceased), Clarisa López (worker for the Pichilemu Hospital and the local Casa de Socorros, deceased), and Jorge Vargas González, who was mayor at the time of the approval.[15]


  1. ^ This name uses Spanish naming customs; the first or paternal family name is Vargas and the second or maternal family name is González.


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