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Godeungeo jorim (고등어조림), made with mackerel, radish and seasonings
Korean name
Hangul 조림
Hanja n/a
Revised Romanization jorim
McCune–Reischauer chorim

Jorim is a generic Korean cuisine term referring to dishes made of vegetables, meats, seafood, or tofu in a mixed sauce by simmering for a long time. Jorim is the noun of jorida (hangul:조리다) which means "simmering in a thick soup or sauce".[1] The term did not appear in cookbooks until the 17th century because cuisine terms were not yet specialized in Korea. Siui jeonseo is the first mentioned document on the term with a recipe for jangjorim (hangul:장조림).[2]

The sauce for jorim is mostly ganjang (soy sauce) used, however, in cooking fish with red flesh such as mackerel, permit, or saury, gochujang or chili pepper powder is added to ganjang and cooked.[2]


  • Jangjorim (장조림), made mostly with beef, or eggs
  • Godeungeo jorim (고등어조림), made with mackerel, radish and seasonings
  • Yeongeun jorim (연근조림), made with lotus root
  • Dubu jorim (두부조림), made with tofu
  • Ggatnip jorim (깻잎조림), made with perilla leaves


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