Jornal da Cultura

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Jornal da Cultura
GenreNews and Debate
Theme music composerAlan Silvestri (1988–1991)
Various (1991–present)
Opening themeBack to the Future (1988–1991)
Country of originBrazil
Original language(s)Portuguese
Original networkTV Cultura
Original release29 December 1986 (1986-12-29)
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Jornal da Cultura (Culture News) is a long-running Brazilian TV program currently running on TV Cultura. It hosts many notable Brazilian figures and intellectuals, such as the historian Marco Antonio Villa, the philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé, the physician Paulo Saldiva, and many other economists, philosophers and notable individuals. It first aired on 29 December 1986 under the direction of Hamilton Tramontá. Currently, the program is hosted by the brazilian TV Host Willian Corrêa. On the normal schedule, the TV Program runs everyday except for weekends.[citation needed]


Every day of the week, the program invites at least two academic guests to discuss openly about diverse subjects and topics. Known figures such as Carlos Novaes, Demétrio Magnoli, Maristela Basso, Ricardo Abramovay, Vladimir Safatle, Alexandre Schwartsman, Ethevaldo Siqueira, Mario Sergio Cortella and Paulo Lins have appeared on the show. The ones who are often on the program are thus listed:

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