Jornal da Globo

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Jornal da Globo
Genre News
Created by Jornalismo Globo
Presented by William Waack
Fernanda Gentil (sports)
Luís Roberto (sports)
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Original release 1st: March 4, 1967 – March 30, 1969
2nd: April 2, 1979 – March 6, 1981
3rd: August 2, 1982 – present
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Jornal da Globo (Globo Journal) is the late night news show broadcast by the Brazilian television channel Rede Globo. It doesn't have a fixed starting time, but usually airs at or after midnight.

Hosted by William Waack it shows a detailed summary of the news of the day, highlighting matters such as Brazilian and world's economics and politics.

Jornal da Globo was originally launched in 1967 as Rede Globo's first newscast, hosted by Hilton Gomes and Luiz Jatobá. Its first incarnation ended in March 1969 just months before the launch of Jornal Nacional. Jornal da Globo was relaunched for a second time in 1979 and hosted by Sérgio Chapelin, ending again in 1981 before being relaunched for a third time in its current incarnation in 1982.





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