José Álvarez de Toledo y Acuña

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José Álvarez de Toledo y Acuña (August 6, 1838 – August 31, 1898) was a Spanish politician and diplomat.

He was Minister of Public Works and the Economy during the regency of Maria Cristina of Austria.

Count of Xiquena from 1865, he initiated his political career by being elected deputy for Logroño (province) in the elections of 1864, and was re-elected to this position in 1865, 1867 and 1876.

In 1881 he represented Puerto Rico as a deputy to the Congress, and in 1886, represented Toledo (province) as deputy.

Between 1891 and 1893 he returned to the Senate to represent Jaén, and in 1893, represented Cuba. He left this position however within a year in 1894 on being appointed Councillor of State (Consejo de Estado de España). From 11 December 1888 - January 21, 1890 he was Minister of Promotion and reprised the position from 4 October 1897 and 18 May 1898 presided over by Sagasta before his death. He was also a governor of Madrid.