José A. Muguerza

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For the Spanish association footballer, see José Muguerza.

José Ambrosio Muguerza Crespo (December 7, 1858 – March 14, 1939) was a Mexican born entrepreneur and philanthropist who is best known for founding one of Mexico's most important healthcare facilities, Muguerza Hospital, now known as Christus Muguerza Hospital. Based in Monterrey, the hospital which started in 1934 grew to become the Muguerza Group. In April 2001, Muguerza Group partnered with Christus Health Systems in the US and formed the Christus Muguerza Group alliance, the largest healthcare system in northern Mexico. Along with other prominent businessmen, Muguerza served as founder and board member of other great Mexican enterprises such as Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, Banco Mercantil de Monterrey (now Banorte), Cementos Mexicanos (now Cemex), and the Compañía Fundidora de Fierro y Acero de Monterrey. Additionally he was Founder and President of Junta de la Unión Regional Nuevoleonesa.

Mr. Muguerza was one of the main contributors of Monterrey, Mexico development.

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