José Aguilar Álvarez

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José Aguilar Álvarez
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27th Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
In office
3 August 1944 – 7 August 1944
Preceded by Samuel Ramírez Moreno
Succeeded by Alfonso Caso Andrade
Personal details
Born 1902
 Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Died 1959
 Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Citizenship Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Doctor

José Aguilar Álvarez (1902–1959) was a Mexican physician.

Education and career[edit]

He began his studies at the French School and concluded in the National Preparatory School. In March 1923 he took his professional examinations for his surgical doctor degree.

In 1925 he began his teaching career, teaching topographical anatomy class at the National School of Medicine.

In July 1938, the University Council appointed him director of the National School of Medicine, a position he held until July 1942. In response to the call issued by the rector, Samuel Ramirez, a large group of college counselors, seven of the fifteen directors and counselors most teachers and students met to elect president on August 3, 1944. This Council, which was considered a legitimate successor of the legally constituted board, appointed Jose Aguilar as rector of the National University.

Conflict with the university[edit]

Four days after Álvarez's appointment, President Manuel Ávila Camacho, decided to ask both the rector and the rector ephemeral, Manuel Gual Vidal, appointed by the University Council, to resign, as they had been appointed a compromise board which would assume the government of the institution and restore the university organization.

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Preceded by
Samuel Ramírez Moreno
Rector, National Autonomous University of Mexico
3 August 1944 - 7 August 1944
Succeeded by
Alfonso Caso Andrade