José Antonio López Guerrero

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José Antonio López Guerrero
Participation in 41th Annual Conference on herpesvirus
Born 1962
Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Fields Virology
Institutions Center of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa, UAM-CSIC

José Antonio López Guerrero (JAL) (born Madrid, 1962) is a researcher and Associate Professor of Microbiology at the Department of Molecular Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), and director of the Scientific Culture Department of the Molecular Biology Center Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) and a collaborator in several scientific cultural programs on radio, television and in the press.


After finishing his secondary studies in Hanover (Germany), and at the Cervantes institute (Madrid), Prof. López Guerrero studied Biology (BSc Biochemistry) at the Autonomous University of Madrid (1980–1985). His Ph.D. research was conducted at CBMSO and concerned the scientific field of immunovirology; 1989 -special award 1990-. Subsequently, he moved as a postdoctoral researcher to the Center for Biological Research (CIB-CSIC, 1990–1993) and The German Center of Cancer Research (DKFZ, 1993–1996). When Prof. López Guerrero returned to the UAM, he was given several positions as Assistant Professor and Head of science communication programs. In 2001 he became an Associate Professor and since 2003 he has directed, as Group leader, a small research laboratory on Neurovirology. Prof. López Guerrero coordinated, between 2006–2009, the Scientific Culture Unit of the UAM and since 2006 the Department of the same name at the CBMSO.


  • PhD Study (1986-1989. CBMSO. Madrid): Study of the susceptibility of immune cells to virus infection.
  • First Postdoctoral Work (1990-1993. CIB. Madrid): Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Murine Model.
  • Second Postdoctoral Study (1993-1996. DKFZ): Study of U937 promonocytic cell clones selected for their resistance to parvovirus H-1 infection.
  • Since 1996 (CBMSO UAM-CSIC): HSV-1 infection and neurodegeneration.


  • 2011: Spanish National Radio: Radio 5 and Radio 1 program "A Hombros de Gigantes" (Shoulders of giants): Awards for Scientific Publication "Science in Action" and "Safir-Vallehermoso" (collaborating since 2010).
  • 2012: Scientific Communication Award Blogs Mi+d of Madri+d Foundation.
  • 2014: ANTAMA Prize in recognition of his work for Scientific Communication in biotechnology in Spain.
  • 2014: Second prize in Radio Category in the Third Edition of ASEBIO Award for Communication of Biotechnology.
  • 2016: Special Jury Prize "Science in Action".


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Scientific articles[edit]

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