José Antonio Pascual

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José Antonio Pascual
headshot photo of José Antonio Pascual, in a library wearing a suit and glasses
Born(1942-03-29)29 March 1942
Alma materUniversidad de Salamanca
Occupation(s)professor, linguist
Notable workDiccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico, Hablando claro (television series)
Titleprofessor at Charles III University of Madrid, member of the Royal Spanish Academy, Accademia della Crusca, Institut d'Estudis Catalans
AwardsCaballero de las Artes y las Letras, Premio Nacional de Investigación Ramón Menéndez Pidal (2006)

José Antonio Pascual Rodríguez (born 29 March 1942, Monleras, Salamanca) is a linguist and professor of the Spanish language at Charles III University of Madrid, and a member of the Royal Spanish Academy and Accademia della Crusca, the regulatory institutions of standard Spanish and Italian, respectively.[1] He joined the Royal Spanish Academy in 2002, serving as its vicepresident from 2007 to 2015, and is best known for his work with Joan Coromines on the Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico (published 1983-1991), as well as the television series Hablando claro aired in Spain in the late 1980s.[2]


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