José Antonio Salcedo

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General José Antonio Salcedo y Ramírez, "Pepillo" (1816–1864) was born in Madrid, Spain from creole parents of Spanish heritage who had been born in Santo Domingo, and moved to Spain in the year 1815.

Salcedo led a civil war which aimed at the restoration of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Restoration War began on August 16, 1863, and by September 14, 1863 a Provisional Government was established, over which the general presided. After he became the 1st head of state of the Dominican Republic, the general was opposed by the Nationalist movement, who viewed his policies as favouring those supporting the annexation of the country. On October 15, 1864, Head of State Salcedo sent word to his wife (who lived in Guayubín) with a young soldier who was nearly in his mid-twenties named Ulises Heureaux, he was later assassinated on the same day by Gaspar Polanco, also a general at the time.

The town of Pepillo Salcedo, in Monte Cristi province, was named in his honour.

Political offices
Preceded by
None/Spanish annexation
Head of State of the Dominican Republic
14 September 1863 – 10 October 1864
Succeeded by
Gaspar Polanco