José Braulio Alemán

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José Braulio Alemán
Born (1864-03-26)March 26, 1864
Santa Clara, Cuba
Died January 15, 1930(1930-01-15) (aged 65)
Occupation Mayor General and principal author of the Cuban constitution

José Braulio Alemán (26 March 1864 – 15 January 1930, Havana) was a Cuban Brigadier General in the Spanish–American War, promoted to Major General after the war.

General Alemán was the principal author of the Constitution of Cuba proclaimed at La Yara in 1896.


A prominent lawyer by profession and owner of a newspaper in Santa Clara, Cuba in the province of Las Villas, he was a prominent and key player in the fight against the Spanish and the eventual liberation of Cuba. He is remembered as one of the few dignitaries who stood against the Platt Amendment.

After the war, Alemán served as Governor and Senator for the province of Las Villas, as Minister of Education, and as Ambassador to Mexico. He fought for equal civil rights for all Cubans. He founded the first Agricultural schools, the first institutes of Commerce, the first Sports & Physical Education Institute, and the School of Fine Arts at Santiago de Cuba. He created the first night schools for adults, the first schools for Languages, and the Technical School of Rancho Boyeros. He was also instrumental in the partial reorganization of the University of Havana.

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