José G. Tormos Vega

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Tormos and the second or maternal family name is Vega.
José G. Tormos Vega
21-DSC00506 - Jose G. Tormos Vega (Mayor of Ponce, PR).jpg
Mayor José G. Tormos Vega
Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico
In office
Preceded by Luis A. Morales
Succeeded by José Dapena Thompson
Personal details
Born ca. 1932
Nationality Puerto Rican
Political party New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico
Spouse(s) Irding Chardón
Profession Politician

José Guillermo Tormos Vega (born ca. 1932), known as Joselín, was a Puerto Rican politician and Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico from 1976 to 1984.

Political life[edit]

In the November 1976 elections, Tormos Vega defeated the incumbent mayor, Luis A. Morales, by more than 3,000 votes.[1] He was re-elected in 1980. Among the public works projects that took place in the city during his tenure are the construction of the Cruceta El Vigía,[2] and the renovation of City Hall and the Coto Laurel village square.[3]

In 1983, Tormos Vega honored long-time local legend Carlos Garay Villamil for his contributions to the traditions of the city of Ponce in his capacity as a horse-drawn carriage coachman. A plaque has since been added to the front facade of the Ponce City Hall to commemorate the event.[4]

Charged with extortion[edit]

Tormos Vega quit his position in 1984 upon being charged with extortion. He was replaced by José Dapena Thompson. He was indicted on October 31, 1985, by a federal grand jury, and tried on May 27, 1988.[5] Tomos Vega died in jail a few years later.[6] He was replaced by José Dapena Thompson who, two and a half years later and in the midst of a hotly debated electoral campaign was forced to resign allegedly to dodge potential criminal prosecution for corruption.[7]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Luis A. Morales
Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Succeeded by
José Dapena Thompson