José Ignacio de Sanjinés

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José Ignacio de Sanjinés Barriga (1786 – August 15, 1864) was a Bolivian poet and legislator.

Background and relation with historical events[edit]

Born in Chuquisaca, he was a delegate to the Asambleas Deliberante y Constituyente (Deliberative and Constituent Assemblies) of 1825 and 1826, when Bolivia first became an independent republic.

He signed the Bolivian Declaration of Independence and the first Bolivian Constitution.

Writer of lyrics of Bolivian national anthem[edit]

Sanjinés is perhaps best known for writing the lyrics to the National Anthem of Bolivia.

Themes of lyrics[edit]

His lyrics were meant to inspire patriotism, hatred of tyranny and love of freedom, and admiration for Bolivian soldiers who had recently won Bolivia's war of independence against Spain.


He died in Sucre in 1864.