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The Most Reverend
José Lai Hung-seng
Bishop Emeritus of Macau
Church Roman Catholic Church
Province n/a – reports directly to Holy See
Metropolis n/a – reports directly to Holy See
Diocese n/a – reports directly to Holy See
Installed 30 June 2003
Term ended 16 January 2016
Predecessor Domingos Lam
Successor Stephen Lee Bun-sang
Ordination by 28 October 1972
Rank Bishop
Personal details
Born (1946-01-14) 14 January 1946 (age 72)
Nationality Chinese (Macanese)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Residence Macau
Parents Joseph Paul Lai Sio Kei
Maria Celestina Tchoi Lao Mei
Alma mater St. Joseph's Seminary and Church
Diocesan Seminary of Leiria (1967-1971)
Coat of arms José Lai Hung-seng's coat of arms
José Lai
Chinese 黎鴻昇

José Lai Hung-seng (Chinese: 黎鴻昇; born in Macau, 14 January 1946) is the Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Macau, the first born in the diocese and the second Chinese bishop,[1] the first being Domingos Lam. Lai was appointed on 23 January 2001 Coadjutor and succeeded on 30 June 2003. He was succeeded by Bishop Stephen Lee Bun-sang (Chinese: 李斌生) on 23 January 2016.

Lai was born in Macau and attended St. Joseph's Seminary and Church before going to Portugal for further studies [2] at Diocesan Seminary of Leiria from 1967 to 1971 and to Grottaferrata.


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Preceded by
Domingos Lam 林家駿
Bishop of Macau
Succeeded by
Stephen Lee Bun-sang 李斌生