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J.L. Peixoto in the UNAM

José Luís Peixoto (born 4 September 1974, in Galveias, Portalegre, Portugal), is a Portuguese novelist and poet.

Biographical note[edit]

José Luis Peixoto was born in a small village from the south interior of Portugal, in the Portuguese region of Alentejo.

He has a degree in Modern English and German Literature in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Before devoting himself to writing professionally, he taught for a year in Praia, Cape Verde and in several cities in Portugal.

He has published poetry and fiction and received the Prize Jovens Criadores (Young Creators) in the years of 1997, 1998 and 2000.

In 2001, his novel Nenhum Olhar (Blank Gaze/The Implacable Order of Things) received the José Saramago Literary Award.

José Luis Peixoto is represented in a great number Portuguese and international anthologies and he has collaborated in a lot of international literary magazines.

In 2003, in a totally unprecedented project, Peixoto joined forces with the Gothic metal band Moonspell and together they produced a book and record, The Antidote.

As far as drama is concerned, José Luís Peixoto wrote Anathema (premiered in Théâtre de la Bastille in Paris), À Manhã (premiered in Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon) and "Quando o Inverno Chegar" also in Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon).

In 2007, "The Piano Cemetery" was distinguished with Spanish Calamo Literary Award for the best novel published in Spanish translation on the previous year.

His works have been published in France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain (Spanish and Catalan), Czech Republic, Croatia, Belarus and Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania and so on. His novels are translated in a total of 20 languages.

His first novel in English translation ("Blank Gaze") was published in the UK in November 2007 by Bloomsbury and in September 2008 in the US (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday), under the title "The Implacable Order of Things".

His second novel in English translation is "The Piano Cemetery". Published by Bloomsbury in 2010.

His first title "Morreste-me" ("You died on me") was published on the December 2010 issue of Warwick Review, published by the Warwick University.

Published works[edit]


  • 2000 - Morreste-me (fiction, narrative)
  • 2000 - Nenhum Olhar (novel)
  • 2002 - Uma Casa na Escuridão (novel)
  • 2003 - Antidoto (fiction, narrative)
  • 2006 - Cemitério de Pianos (novel)
  • 2008 - Cal (fiction, narrative)
  • 2010 - Livro (novel)
  • 2011 - Abraço (memoir, narrative)
  • 2014 - Galveias (novel)
  • 2015 - Em Teu Ventre (novella)


  • 2001 - A Criança em Ruínas
  • 2002 - A Casa, a Escuridão
  • 2008 - Gaveta de Papéis


  • 2005 - Anathema
  • 2005 - À Manhã
  • 2007 - "Quando o Inverno Chegar"


  • 2012 - "Dentro do Segredo- Uma viagem na Coreia do Norte" (memoir of his travels in North Korea)


  • Writes a regular column in the Portuguese cultural newspaper Jornal de Letras and in the Portuguese weekly magazine Visão.


Literary Prizes[edit]

  • Prémio Jovens Criadores, Instituto Português da Juventude in 1997, 1998 and 2000
  • Prémio José Saramago, 2001 (awarded to the best novel published in all portuguese speaking countries in 2000 and 2001)
  • Prémio de Poesia Daniel Faria, 2008 (awarded to a poetry book)
  • Prémio Cálamo Outra Mirada, 2008 (awarded to the best foreign novel published in Spain in 2007)
  • Prémio Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, 2012 (awarded to a poetry book)
  • Premio Libro d'Europa, 2013 (awarded to the best european novel published in Italy in 2012)

Translated Works[edit]

  • Morreste-me
    • Italy – Questa Terra ora Crudele, trad. Giulia Lanciani, La Nuova Frontiera, 2005
    • Spain – Te me moriste, trad. Antonio Saez Delgado, E.R.E., 2004
    • Catalonia – Te’m morrires, trad. Antoni Xumet Rosselo, El Gall, 2006
    • Croatia – Umro si me, trad. Dean Trdak, 2004
    • Belgium – La Mort du Père, trad. Marie-Claire Vromans, I.C.B., 2002
    • UK - You Died on Me, trad. Phil Jourdan, The Warwick Review, 2011
  • Nenhum Olhar:
    • UK - Blank Gaze, trad. Richard Zenith, 2007
    • USA - The Implacable Order of Things, trad. Richard Zenith, 2008
    • Poland - Puste spojrzenie, trad. Wojciech Charchalis, Prószyński i S-ka, 2008
    • France - Sans un Regard, trad. François Rosso, Grasset, 2003
    • Nederlands – De Blik, trad. Piet Janssen, Meulenhoff, 2003
    • Finland – Tyhja Taivas, trad. Tarja Harkonen, Wsoy, 2005
    • Italy – Nessuno Sguardo, trad. Silvia Cavalieri, La Nuova Frontiera, 2002
    • Spain – Nadie nos Mira, trad. Bego Montorio, Hiru, 2001
    • Czech Republic – Nikdo se Nedív·, trad. Desislava Dimitrovova, Barrister, 2004
    • Croatia – Nijedan Pogled, trad. Tanja Tarbuk, V.B.Z., 2004
    • Turkey – Tek Bir Bakis Yeter, trad. Senem Sen, Arkadas, 2005
    • Belarus – ********, 2006
    • Bulgaria –********, Pet Plus, 2006
    • Brazil – Nenhum Olhar, Agir/Ediouro, 2005
    • Hungary - Egyetlen pillantás nélkül, trad Bense Mónika, Európa, 2007
    • Romania - Nicio privire, Polirom, 2009
    • (Rights sold to Greece)
  • Uma Casa na Escuridão:
    • France – Une Maison dans les Ténèbres, trad. François Rosso, Grasset, 2006
    • Italy – Una Casa nel Buio, trad. Vicenzo Russo, La Nuova Frontiera, 2004
    • Spain - Una Casa en la Oscuridad, Trad. Antonio Saez Delgado, El Aleph, 2008
    • (Rights sold to UK, Spain)
  • Cemitério de Pianos:
    • UK - The Piano Cemetery, transl. Daniel Hahn, Bloomsbury, 2010
    • Spain - Cementerio de Pianos, trad. Carlos Acevedo, El Aleph, 2007
    • France - Le Cimetière de Pianos, trad. François Rosso, Grasset, 2008
    • Greece - Νεκροταφείο Πιάνων, Εκδόσεις Ελληνικά Γράμματα, 2009
    • Romania - Cimitirul de piane, Polirom, 2010
    • Israel - Bet kevarot li-fesanterim, trans. Erelah Lerer, Kineret:Zemorah-Bitan, 2011
    • (Rights sold to Italy, Brazil, Nederlands, Israel).
  • Antídoto
    • Italy - L'Antidoto, Scritturapura, 2008
    • USA - Antidote, Writ Large Press, 2013
  • A Casa, a Escuridão:
    • Bulgária – "Домът, мракът", trad. Sidonia Pojarlieva e Vera Kirkova, 2006
  • Criança em Ruínas
    • (Rights sold to Spain, Brazil, Poland)

The José Luís Peixoto Literary Award[edit]

The Municipality of Ponte de Sor, in Portugal, has created a literary award for authors (under 25) with José Luis Peixoto's name.


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