José Luis Calva

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José Luis Calva
Born José Luis Calva Zepeda
June 20, 1969
Mexico City, Mexico
Died December 11, 2007(2007-12-11) (aged 38)
Cause of death Suicide
Criminal penalty 84 years imprisonment
Conviction(s) Murder (2 counts)
Victims 2 dead, probably more murdered victims
Country Mexico
State(s) Mexican Federal District

José Luis Calva Zepeda (June 20, 1969[1] – December 11, 2007) was a Mexican writer and serial killer. Calva has been accused of murder in up to eight separate cases, all involving women. Calva had also confessed to cannibalism.[2]


Early life[edit]

Calva's childhood was traumatic. His father died when he was two, and his mother used to bring men to his home whom the boy had to call "dad". When he was seven, he was raped by a 16-year-old friend of his older brother.[3]

He met the woman who would become his wife and mother of two of his children, Aide, in 1996. They divorced and she moved to the United States with their daughters. He sank into a deep depression.[3]


In October 2007, forces of the Federal Preventive Police went to Calva's home to arrest him under the suspicion that he was responsible for the disappearance of his girlfriend Alejandra Galeana, who was last seen on October 6.[2] He was found eating a dish of human meat seasoned with lemon. Calva tried to escape by jumping through the window, severely injuring himself, but was captured.[4]

Inside his flat, the police found the mutilated body of his girlfriend, human meat in the refrigerator, a frying pan with cooked human flesh and human bones in a box of cereal.[2] Aside from that, an unfinished book titled Instintos Caníbales o 12 días[4] (Cannibal Instincts or 12 days) and a picture of Anthony Hopkins portraying Hannibal Lecter was also found.[2]


Calva was charged with two murders by the Court of First Instance in Mexico City. He was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 84 years in prison.


In the early morning hours of December 11, 2007, Calva, who apparently had committed suicide between 6:00am and 6:30am, was found hanging by his belt from the roof of his prison cell.[1] No suicide note was found.[5][6]


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