José Luis Torrente

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José Luis Torrente
Torrente 1 dvd cover.jpg
Torrente as featured on a French DVD cover
First appearance Torrente: El brazo tonto de la ley
Created by Santiago Segura
Portrayed by Santiago Segura
Eduardo García (Infancy)
Gender Male
Occupation Private Investigator/Bodyguard/Cop
Spouse(s) None
Children Torrente Junior
Relatives Mauricio Torrente (father)
Felipe Torrente (uncle)
Several half-brothers

José Luis Torrente is a fictional character created by Spanish actor and director Santiago Segura and the main character in the Torrente dark comedy-action film series. The series so far includes five films; Torrente: El brazo tonto de la ley (1998), Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella (2001), Torrente 3: El protector (2005), Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis (2011) and Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas (2014).

There are also video games Torrente: El videojuego and Torrente 3, which were released with the second and third movies, respectively.

Description and Career[edit]

Born and usually resident in Madrid, Spain, José Luis Torrente is an ugly, bald, overweight, dirty, corrupt, lying, fascist, racist, chauvinistic and anticommunist retired cop. He refuses to accept his expulsion from the Police corps, so he still "patrols" each night in his old car in order to "fight" what he considers criminal actions. Poor immigrants and drug-addicts are often victims of his actions, while he usually refuses to confront real criminals due to his actual cowardice (sometimes, however, Torrente is able to show a surprising amount of courage). Torrente openly states his admiration for Generalísimo Francisco Franco (and later for King Juan Carlos and the crown prince), and is a declared fan of the Atlético de Madrid Football Club and Spanish singer El Fary.

Following his discharge, he loses his partner (an old mentor) in a shoot-out in ChinaTown brothel. He had a depressive disorder and was dismissed from his job as a cop. Due to his lack of a proper job (he continues patrolling and undertaking detective work), Torrente faces financial problems from time to time and lives in a dirty small apartment in a depressing part of the city. He used to live with his old and sick father Felipe (later revealed to be actually Torrente's uncle, due to an affair between Felipe's wife and his twin brother Mauricio) and forced him to beg for food and money in the streets, spending almost all the money collected plus his social security annuity in his personal affairs. Felipe is not the only one manipulated by Torrente in order to achieve his own goals.

Mission in Marbella[edit]

Torrente accidentally discovers and destroys a drug dealing maffia which uses a Chinese restaurant as cover, only to steal their money and start a new life as new rich in Torremolinos. He spends then millions in the Spanish Mediterranean coast until he loses all his money in a casino in Marbella. There, he establishes himself as a private investigator, discovers that his real father is the local crime boss Mauricio Torrente and stops the James Bond-type supervillain Spinelli from destroying the city - throwing his super-missile over the British naval base at Gibraltar instead. Due to this action Torrente receives a medal and is permitted to join the Police again as a traffic cop in Madrid.

Coming to the US?[edit]

The idea of making a remake in the United States was offered for the first time in 2002 by US filmmaker Oliver Stone, who suggested Josh Brolin and mainly to Robert De Niro for the lead role. Stone had seen the first two movies during a film festival in Europe and declared his admiration for the character, meeting Segura and befriending him. This first negotiations, however, didn't end well, but the rights to make a US version were finally purchased by New Line Cinema in 2006 and two American writers, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, were hired to draw a first version of the script. It has not been revealed if the new movie would be a real remake, in which the new Torrente will be a US version of the Spanish one, or a movie featuring a mission of the horrendous Spanish policeman on US soil. In any case, it seems that Segura will not repeat in the role if there is any US version.

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Diego Cigala

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