José Maldonado González

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José Maldonado González (12 November 1900, Tineo, Asturias – 11 February 1985, Oviedo)[1] was the last president of the Spanish Republican government in Exile. Elected in the Spanish general election, 1936 as a deputy for Oviedo province, he was a member of the party Republican Left, which was a member of the Popular Front. In 1938 he fled to France.

Already in exile, Maldonado held positions in many parts of the Republican government, like Minister of Justice (1949-1951) and Minister of Justice and Information (1962-1971). In 1970 he succeeded Luis Jiménez de Asúa as President of the Republic in exile. In 1977 he recognized the elections in Spain and agreed on ceasing international relations, in accordance with the president José López Portillo of Mexico.