José Manuel Aguirre Miramón

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José Manuel Aguirre Miramón (1813–1887) was a Spanish jurist, politician and writer.


He published numerous papers and articles, especially related to the legal aspects of colonization. Among his works are:

  • Application of the new mortgage law to the overseas provinces. (1861)
  • Application of the Criminal Code to the overseas provinces. (1861)
  • Directorships of overseas. (1861)
  • From overseas legislation in relation to the different races of the population of the Philippines. (1861)
  • Proprietorship of artists in their art works. (1862)
  • Judicial power in the Spanish-American republics. (1862)
  • Mortgage law reform Overseas (1862)
  • Influence of wine desestanco coconut and nipa in crime in the Philippines. (1863)
  • Of special overseas laws and reform. (1863)
  • Causes of certiorari by the Indian Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. (1863)
  • Foreign law: administrative and civil institutions of China. (1864)
  • Legal and administrative reforms on the island of Santo Domingo. (1864)
  • Legislation overseas. Philippines: usurious contracts. (1864)
  • Executive action: award of costs to the judges. (1864)
  • Overseas Legislation: Implementation of the Code of Civil Procedure to the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico (1866)
  • Penal Code Enforcement overseas. (1871)