José Manuel Coelho

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José Coelho
José Manuel Coelho.jpg
Personal details
Born José Manuel Coelho
(1952-05-22) 22 May 1952 (age 64)
Santa Cruz, Madeira
Political party Portuguese Labour Party

Jose Manuel Vieira Coelho da Mata (born Santa Cruz, 22 July 1952) is a Portuguese politician. He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party until 1999, and still calls himself a communist "who evolved".[1] He was substitute deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira for the New Democracy Party, taking office in 2008. He became famous for the incident in which he showed a Nazi flag to the Parliament as a protest against the Social Democratic Party refusing to commemorate the Carnation Revolution.[2]

Coelho was New Democracy's candidate for the Presidency in the 2011 election.[3] He won 4.5% of the vote, coming fifth, which was considerably better than expected or forecast by pre-election polling. In Madeira, Coelho reached second place, with 39% of the votes. In March 2011, he joined the Portuguese Labour Party (PTP),[4] of which he became the vice-president.[5] He was a candidate for the 2011 parliamentary election, but the PTP won only 0.3% of the vote.


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