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General José María Cabral y Luna (born Ingenio Nuevo, San Cristóbal Province, December 12, 1816 – died Santo Domingo, February 28, 1899) was a Dominican military figure and politician. He served as the first Supreme Chief of the Dominican Republic from August 4, 1865 to November 15 of that year and again officially as president from August 22, 1866 until January 3, 1868.

Early life and family[edit]

Cabral was born near San Cristóbal to a prominent and wealthy Criollo family from Hincha. His parents were Ramona de Luna y Andújar, who was cousin of the Virgins of Galindo, and Juan Marcos Cabral y Aybar.

He was uncle of future Dominican president Marcos Antonio Cabral.



On August 17, 1865 President Cabral abolished capital punishment and banishment in the Dominican Republic.[1]


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Political offices
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