José María Galán

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José María Galán
Birth nameJosé María Galán Rodriguéz
AllegianceSecond Spanish Republic Spanish Republic
Commands heldCommander of a militia column (1936), Mixed brigade (1936), 34th division (1937), XXIII Corps (1938).
Battles/warsSpanish Civil War

José María Galán Rodríguez (1904–1978) was a Spanish military officer in the Spanish Civil War. He was the brother of Fermín Galán, leader of the Jaca Uprising, and Francisco Galán. Before the war he was a lieutenant of the Carabineros.[1]


José María Galán remained loyal to the Spanish government during the coup of July 1936 that triggered the Civil War. On July 1936, he led a militia column in the Somosierra front.[1] In October 1936 he led the 3rd Mixed Brigade, one of the first of these units to be established. Later he took part in the Second Battle of the Corunna Road.[2] On June 1937 he led the 34th Division in the Segovia Offensive.[3] On 1938, he led the XXIII Army Corps in Andalusia.

After the war he fled to the USSR and later exiled himself to Cuba. He died there on 1978.[4]

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