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Portrait of José Maria da Ponte e Horta featured in his obituary in the Diário Illustrado, 17 March, 1892.

José Maria da Ponte e Horta (born 1824, Faro – d. 9 March, 1892[1]) was a Portuguese noble who served as a colonial administrator and soldier in the Portuguese Empire. He is best known for his roles as the two time Governor of Angola and the Governor of Macau and Governor of Mozambique.[2]


José Maria da Ponte e Horta was born to a Portuguese noble family in 1824.

Ponte e Horta joined the Portuguese military and later went on to serve as a professor at the Escola Politécnica de Lisboa and was named Par do Reino, one of the highest honors of Portuguese society.

On 26 October 1866, Ponte e Horta became the Portuguese Governor of Macau, a position which he held for two years until 3 August 1868.

In 1870, he again held a top colonial office, being named the Governor of Angola which was at the time, a Portuguese colony. He remained Governor of Portuguese Angola until 1873.

Many sources state that Ponte e Horta also held the post of Governor of Cabo Verde, however he does not appear other records as having held that position.[2]

Death and legacy[edit]

José Maria da Ponte e Horta died on 9 March, 1892.[1] There are several streets and buildings named after him in Macau.[3]

Published works[edit]

  • Memória sobre os Infinitamente Pequenos.

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Preceded by
José Rodrigues Coelho do Amaral

Governor of Macau

Succeeded by
António Sérgio de Sousa
Preceded by
José Rodrigues Coelho do Amaral

Governor of Angola

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José Baptista de Andrade