José Martí Pioneer Organization

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José Martí Pioneer Organization
Organización de Pioneros José Martí
Founded 1961
Headquarters Palacio de Pioneros, Havana[1]
Mother party Communist Party of Cuba
International affiliation World Federation of Democratic Youth
An OPJM building in Havana

José Martí Pioneer Organization (Spanish: Organización de Pioneros José Martí - OPJM) is a Cuban youth organization established in 1961, created as a replacement for the banned Asociación de Scouts de Cuba. The organization gets its name from Cuban writer and national hero José Martí.


The José Martí Pioneer Organization groups primary and secondary students, until 9th grade. The initiation takes place with a traditional act of giving a neckerchief, blue or red depending on the student's level; from that moment it forms a part of the scholastic uniform. In high school the neckerchief is replaced by a badge consisting of the bars with colors of the national flag and to the right, Che's signature; the symbol measures approximately 1.5 cm by 10 cm, in some cases is the symbol of the high school, and sewn directly on the white uniform shirt.

The OPJM counts a section of exploration and camping named "Explorers Pioneers Movement" (Movimiento de Pioneros Exploradores, MPE).[2][3]

In 2001 it was elected to the Global 500 Roll of Honour of the United Nations Environment Programme for its environmental activities.[4]

Its motto is: "Pioneers for communism: Let us be like Che!"


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