José Martins Ribeiro Nunes

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José Martins Ribeiro Nunes (5 January 1927 – 26 April 2012),[1] also known as Zé Peixe or Joe Fish, was a maritime pilot. Unusually, rather than meeting and departing from the ships out at sea using a pilot boat, he would swim to and from the ships, jumping heights of more than 40 meters (130 ft) and swimming about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) a day. Beneti Nascimento, a famous Brazilian writer, once wrote that "The greatness of this man is known all over the world, he is a living super-hero, with a sparkle in his eyes and always a smile. He is a man... who does not know what danger is, has no fear, not even when facing death."[citation needed]

José was a native from Aracaju, Brazil, where he practiced his profession from 1947.


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