José Miguel de Velasco Province

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José Miguel de Velasco
Mission church in Santa Ana de Velasco,  Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos
Location of the José Miguel de Velasco Province within Bolivia
Location of the José Miguel de Velasco Province within Bolivia
Provinces of the Santa Cruz Department
Provinces of the Santa Cruz Department
Coordinates: 15°30′0″S 61°0′0″W / 15.50000°S 61.00000°W / -15.50000; -61.00000
Country Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
Department Santa Cruz Department
Capital San Ignacio de Velasco
 • Total 25,261 sq mi (65,425 km2)
Elevation 1,329 ft (405 m)
Population (2001)
 • Total 56,702
 • Density 2/sq mi (0.9/km2)

José Miguel de Velasco or Velasco is a province in the Santa Cruz department of Bolivia. Its capital is San Ignacio de Velasco. The province is named after the Bolivian president José Miguel de Velasco Franco. It was created by law on October 12, 1880, during the presidency of Narciso Campero. Until its creation it was integrated into Chiquitos Province.[1]


Velasco is located between the major Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the Brazilian border. An unpaved highway connects the province with the city of Santa Cruz to the west and Brazil to the east.[2]


José Miguel de Velasco Province is divided into three municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Inhabitants (2001) [3] Seat Inhabitants (2001)
1st San Ignacio de Velasco Municipality 41,412 San Ignacio de Velasco 19,401
2nd San Miguel Municipality 10,273 San Miguel de Velasco 4,484
3rd San Rafael Municipality 5,017 San Rafael de Velasco 2,057


Velasco features a mestizo culture, blending the culture of the Spanish conquistadors and missionaries with those of the indigenous peoples. Spanish is the most commonly used language in public, though indigenous languages, such as Chiquitano, are also used. Due to the proximity of the province to Brazil, Portuguese speakers can be found, particularly merchants in the city of San Ignacio. There is a small presence of Mennonites and descendants of post-World War II German immigrants.

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Coordinates: 15°30′00″S 61°00′00″W / 15.500°S 61.000°W / -15.500; -61.000