José Pasillas

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José Pasillas
Jose Antonio Pasillas II, drummer of rock band Incubus.jpg
Background information
Birth name José Antonio Pasillas II
Born (1976-04-26) April 26, 1976 (age 41)
Calabasas, California U.S.
Genres Funk rock, alternative rock, hard rock, jazz rock, latin rock
Instruments Drums
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Incubus

José Antonio Pasillas II (born April 26, 1976) is an American drummer known as the drummer of alternative rock band Incubus.


José Pasillas is of Mexican descent. He grew up in Calabasas, California. He began playing drums in 1990. Later in 1991, José and friends Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, original bassist Dirk Lance (Ben Kenney joined in 2003 upon Lance's departure) began Incubus in high school in the San Fernando Valley outpost of Calabasas. He endorses DW drums and Sabian cymbals.

José has mentioned he has never had any formal training for the drums, which he says has positives and negatives. Some of his influences include Chad Sexton of 311, Stewart Copeland of The Police, and Tim Alexander of Primus.

Before dedicating himself full-time to Incubus, he was a full-time art student (as was Brandon), and he continues to create designs in his free time.

Other Work[edit]

José recently mentioned recording drums with California band LIFE[1]


  • DW Drums & Sabian Cymbals:
  • Drums - DW Collectors Series Clear Acrylic with Gold Hardware
    • 8X5 Rack Tom
    • 10X5 Rack Tom
    • 12X6 Rack Tom
    • 16X13 Floor Tom
    • 18X14 Floor Tom
    • 20X20 Bass Drum
    • 13x3 Rocket shells Carbon Fiber snare
    • 14x8 Rocket Shells Carbon Fiber Snare [2]
    • 16X6 Octoban
  • Cymbals - Sabian[3]
    • HHX Evolution Hi-Hats 13"
    • HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 21"
    • HH Vintage Ride 21" (Used as a crash)
    • Prototype Crash 22" (Made Specifically For Him)
    • Vault Crash 20"
    • AAX Mini Chinese 10"
    • HHX Chinese 18"
    • AAX Splash 8"
    • AAX Splash 10"
    • HHX Evolution Splash 12"
  • Drum Heads - Remo[4]
    • Toms: Clear Emperors - batter, Clear Ambassadors - resonant
    • Bass Drum: Clear Powerstroke 3 - batter, Standard DW Head - resonant
    • Snare: Emperor Coated and Coated Ambassador - batter, Ambassador - resonant
  • Hardware
    • DW Three Sided Curved Drum Rack
    • PDSRC15V Rack Clamp X20
    • DWCP9700 Boom Arms X9
    • DWCP9300 Snare Stand X2
    • DWCP9100AL Pneumatic Airlift Throne X1
    • DWCP9000 Single Pedal X1
    • DWCP9900 DBL Tom Stand X1
    • DWCP9500TB Hi Hat Stand X1
  • Sticks - Vater[5]
    • Vater Manhatten 7a wood tip


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