José Raimundo Carrillo

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Captain José Raimundo Carrillo (1749–1809) was an early Spanish settler of San Diego, California and founder of the Carrillo family in Spanish California.


Carrillo was born in 1749 in New Spain (present-day México) at Loreto, Baja California. He came to upper Las Californias as a soldier with the first expedition of Gaspar de Portolà in 1769, and rose to rank of Captain.

Carrillo served at the Presidio of Santa Barbara, Presidio of Monterey, and in 1806, the Presidio of San Diego. He was commandant of the Presidio of San Diego during 1807–1809. In 1809 he died and was buried in the chapel on Presidio Hill November 10, 1809.

On April 23, 1781 Carrillo married Tomasa Ignacia Lugo, daughter of the soldier Francisco Lugo, with the ceremony performed by Junipero Serra at San Carlos, New Spain.

The children of José Raimundo Carrillo and Tomasa Ignacia Lugo.[1][2]
Name Birth/Death Married Notes
Carlos Antonio de Jesus Carrillo 1783 - 1852 Maria Castro Governor of Alta California from 1837-1838. Grantee of Rancho Sespe.
Maria Antonia Carrillo 1786 - 1843 José de la Guerra y Noriega
Anastasio José Carrillo 1788 - 1850 Concepción Garcia Grantee of Rancho Punta de la Concepcion.
Domingo Antonio Ignacio Carrillo 1791 - 1837 Concepción Pico Grantee of Rancho Las Virgenes.
Maria Ignacia Josefa Carrillo 1794 - 1802 Died in childhood.
José Antonio Ezequiel Carrillo 1796 - 1862 Estefanía Pico Served as three-time mayor of pre-statehood Los Angeles. Grantee of Rancho Las Posas.