José Sánchez-Guerra y Martínez

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José Sánchez Guerra

José Sánchez Guerra y Martinez (June 28, 1859, Córdoba – January 26, 1935, Madrid) was a Spanish journalist, lawyer and Prime Minister. His term as Prime Minister lasted from March 8 to December 7, 1922. He was a Conservative who has been described as "courageous" and "politically mediocre."[1]


He began his political career in 1886 when he obtained a certificate of election in Cabra (Córdoba) for the Liberal Party. Sagasta won this seat in the constituency of Córdoba on behalf of the Liberals in successive elections until 1901. In 1902, along with Antonio Maura, he went over to the Conservative Party. He continued to receive the certificate of election for Cordoba in consecutive elections until 1918. His brother Antonio Barroso Castillo also contested elections in the province.

He was Minister of the Interior between December 5, 1903 and December 5, 1904 in the Maura government. He again occupied the same ministerial portfolio for two terms under Dato's governments: between October 27, 1913 and December 9, 1915, and between June 11 and November 3, 1917. He was also Minister of Promotion between September 14, 1908 and October 21, 1909, again under the presidency of Eduardo Dato, and Minister of War between July 15 and December 7, 1922 in the Sánchez Guerra cabinet.