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Ramón Somes (February 20, 1925 – 1986), better known by his stage name José Vergara, was a well-known actor in the Philippines during the 1950s. He is from an American Swiss English background.[citation needed] He was married to Ramona del Rosario and had four children, Teresita, Carmencita, Ramon and Richard.

He began his career studying law but on the onset of World War II had to break his studies. His life spanned various careers, as he was also a policeman with the Manila Academy and then began an acting career. After retiring from show business he started a property business. The acting gene spread through two generations of the Somes family, as his daughter Carmencita became a famous model and actress using the name Chiqui Somes in the 1960s; and more recently, his grandson Richard Somes under the stage name Rich Vergara. José Vergara died in 1986 and is buried in Manila. His widow currently lives in Australia.