José de Córdoba y Ramos

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José de Córdova y Ramos. (Naval Museum of Madrid).

José de Córdoba y Ramos, (Utrera, September 26, 1732 - Cadiz, April 3, 1815), was a Spanish explorer and naval officer from the 18th century.


Born to a family of sailors, Córdoba took to the seas at the age of 13. He sailed all over the world and fought in several battles against the English, Algerians and French. Later in his career he sailed several times to the Philippines, where he oversaw repairs to the Manila Galleon. He also paid great attention to the health of his sailors by preventing scurvy.

On September 21, 1789, he became Teniente general (lieutenant general).
At the outbreak of the war with Britain in 1796, he was put in command of the Spanish fleet. In this position he suffered a serious defeat at the Battle of Cape St Vincent on board the Santísima Trinidad.

After St Vincent, Córdoba was dismissed from the Spanish navy and forbidden from appearing at court.


He married Julia de Rojas and was the father of José de Córdoba y Rojas, a loyalist commander in the Spanish American wars of independence.
He was also grandfather of



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