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For the Mayor of Pichilemu, see José Santos Becerra.

Jesus "Hit man" Becerra (15 April 1936) is a retired Mexican boxer. He became world champion in the bantamweight division.

Early life[edit]

Becerra was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the youngest of the five children of a rich family. His parents were Maria Covarrubias and Jesus Becerra. At age 12, in the 5th grade, Jose quit school to work in a carriage repair shop.

Becerra was discovered by veteran Mexican fight manager, Pancho Rosales, who developed the youngster's skills.

Professional career[edit]

Becerra received his first public notice in the Mexican sports world by scoring an upset over the vastly more experienced Manuel Armenteros. After some ups and downs, Becerra earned a top 10 ranking by knocking out former world champion Mario D'Agata. A short time later, Becerra won the World Bantamweight Championship with a knockout over Alphonse Halimi.

After two successful title defenses, Becerra lost a stunning upset, being knocked out by club-fighter Eloy Sanchez in a non-title fight. Becerra was so dejected by the defeat that he announced his retirement at age 24.

In 1962, Mexican club fighter, Rudy Coronado was seriously injured in a fight. On a special benefit show for Coronado and his family, Becerra returned to the ring and won a 6 round decision over Alberto Martinez. Becerra donated his fight-purse to the injured boxer's family. Becerra never fought again.

Exhibition Tour[edit]

As world champion, Becerra went on a successful exhibition tour which drew big crowds. The tour was as follows:

  • 1959: Sept. 1-Sandy Garcia, Fresno, CA....Exch. 4 rounds
  • 1959: Date ?-Joe Vargas,Stockton, CA......Exch. TKO 3 rounds
  • 1959: Sept.8- Willie Sanchez,San Jose, CA.Exch. 2 rounds
  • 1959: Sept.8-Cy Ruiz, San Jose,CA,........Exch. 2 rounds
  • 1959: Sept.9-Eduardo Santos, El Paso, TX..Exch. 4 rounds
  • 1959: Sept.?-Jessie Leija, San Antonio,TX.Exch. 4 rounds
  • 1959: Sept.14-Henry Miramontes, Dallas,TX.Exch. 4 rounds

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