Jose ben Zimra

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Tomb of Jose ben Zimra at Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra

R. Jose ben Zimra (or R. Jose b. Zimra; Hebrew: רבי יוסי בן זמרה) was Jewish Tanna of the sixth generation of the Tannaic era, during the transition period between the Tannaim Jewish sages era and the Jewish Amoraim sages era. He came from a privileged background family and his son married Judah haNasi's daughter.[1] Some are in the opinion that he was a descendant of King David.[2] Most of his papers deal with the Aggadah, and most of them were delivered by his pupil Eleazar ben Pedat, in the name of Zimra.


  1. ^ Babylon Talmud, Tractate Kethuboth, 62b
  2. ^ According to Rashi, the reason Judah haNasi did not engage in arrangements for the marriage with Rabbi Hiyya was because he did not descend from the line of David, but rather from King David's father Jesse, hence, R. Jose b. Zimra was a descendant of King David; However, according to Samuel Eidels, there is no prof in the Gemara