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Josefa Bayeu y Subias ( ? - 1812) was the sister of artist Francisco Bayeu and wife of artist Francisco Goya. Francisco de Goya gave her the nickname "Pepa". She bore 7 children to him, only one of which lived past infancy and into adulthood. His name was Xavier, born on 2 December 1784. The artworks below are by Goya.

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Josefa Bayeu - WGA10157.jpg
Josefa Bayeu Francisco De Goya y Lucientes.jpg
This charcoal drawing from 1805 is of Josefa in her late fifties. This painting is named Josefa Bayeu (or Leocadia Weiss) and believed to be of Leocadia, a distant relative of Goya, whom of which had a remarkable resemblance to Josefa. Thus Goya did this portrait in honor of Josefa who was already deceased at the time is was painted.