Xosefa Xovellanos

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Xosefa de Xovellanos y Xove Ramírez (1745 - 1807) was the younger sister of Asturian politician illustrated Gaspar Melchor de Xovellanos and prominent writer in Asturian. She born in Gijón/Xixón on June 4, (1745) and married to Argandoña Domingo Gonzalez, Attorney General at the Court of the Principality of Asturias.

Xosefa Xovellanos became a nun, against the strong will of his brother, in the Recoletes Convent of San Agustin, at the foot of the house where she was born. There she died on June 2, (1807) because of an illness. The work of Xovellanos Xosefa is known thanks to the anthology published in 1839 by Xosé Caveda y Nava.