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Josep Maria Subirachs

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Josep Maria Subirachs.
Passion Façade, Sagrada Família, Barcelona.

Josep Maria Subirachs i Sitjar[1] (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈzɛb məˈɾi.ə suβiˈɾaks]; 11 March 1927 – 7 April 2014[2]) was a Spanish sculptor and painter of the late 20th century. His best known work is probably the Passion Facade of the basilica of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. He was controversial, as he did not make any concessions to the style of the architect who designed the building, Antoni Gaudí.[3]

Subirachs' sculptural typography in Barcelona is featured in Eye magazine (No. 37, Vol. 10, Autumn 2000) along with the work of Joan Brossa.[4]

Artistic works

Monument to President Macià, Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona.

From a young age he showed talent as an integral artist: painter, engraver, scenic designer, sculptor, lecturer, art critic, always with the vocation of the architect who he had liked to be.

He worked in projects around the world, in different styles: Mediterranean style, Expressionism, Abstract art, new figuration.

Main works



The asteroid 134124 Subirachs, discovered in 2005, was named in his honour.



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